This cyberspace belongs to one Indian couple who are currently moved to Bangalore after staying one and half years at Mumbai (Bombay) India. Presently, they are getting used to their very own country in respective terms as they settle in after staying abroad. It will be very hard to say who among them contribute more to keep this site up-to-date with photos or post from personal prospective. It is certain that it is a joint effort which they enjoy from time to time in their busy life.

Though they have very strong opinion on certain matters of their daily life but at the same time they love to travel, explore different cuisine, good music and movies together. They hate crowded place, noise, bad manners and rough traffic.

Both of them are foodie and love to experiment with food in different ways be it from any part or region of India or world. This encourages them certain times to experiment at home be it pasta or couscous.

Santanu and Pamela have grown up at two different parts of India which are miles apart. He never stayed in one particular place for very long in young life while Pamela’s upbringing was quite stationary. And may be the reason why in his professional life he looks forward to new geographic locations for challenges.

Together they have stayed in Bay Area of California, Paris and now Mumbai. As they explored Europe and Paris in their brief stay of more than three and half years the volume of this web site grew with photos and travel diaries.

In his bachelor life he tried lots of outdoor sports with success while he was in California. He learned to ski, ran marathons (26miles) and climbed famous granite walls of Yosemite. While there may not be any evidence to share on this web site for his adventure with bi-cycle he did paddle long miles on his sleek road-bike in California and Paris. Now those have taken a back seat as time demands more from him in corporate world. But given a chance, he would love to start once again.

Pamela has been an excellent teacher before marriage. She has a knack of creative arts and excellent with threads and needle. This resulted in creating a separate website for her hobbies. She creates wonderful dishes at times. Ironically as a child or grown-up she never went into the kitchen until before marriage and when she left India she only had few basic knowledge. Rather her friends were experts in the kitchen. Definitely, with time they became her inspiration along with her own mom. Nevertheless, she learnt many recipes from other friends and her m-i-l as well. While in Paris, they desperately missed Indian home-cooked traditional food, so started calling mom or mil asking them how to cook different dishes. Thus, began adventurous journey on this route….

She picked up very good command on French language and was sole spokesperson of Misra family in Paris. At home their language is seasoned with Bengali, Hindi and English and sometimes French (in presence of third person) which happens naturally and effortlessly. And it is she who is first to criticize and fix this web site from an editorial point of view.

Santanu being IT person love to experience and explore the cyber world. Sharing pictures and updates of his life across the world with his friends was the sole driving factor to setup this cyberspace. After trying out free sites like tripod and yahoo he decided to settle for his own web-space free of advertisement in 2001. This name ‘santm’ stuck as all other considered names were registered already. Initially, this web site became his learning play ground with php, css and mysql. But as number of photos crossed 1000 he switched to gallery. Wordpress was chosen over all those home grown code for regular updates. The icon you notice on the address bar is this picture which was taken by Purbayan at London with his Camera phone in 2003.But the enthusiasm of learning new technology has not died yet which causes temporary outage from time to time.

It is your comments and mail that motivates them to keep this web-space alive and updated. Feel free to share your views; thank you for surfing!


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