Tuesday, January 29, 2008

An announcement

This announcement was long due on our blog. Though this breaking news was shared on d-day instantly with friends and families from Hospital via SMS and emails. I specifically carried my camera, laptop and wireless data card for the same.
I created two announcement cards one in pink and other in blue with two names (for girl and boy) and kept them ready. We never disclosed this big-news in last few months in our blog in-fact it was kept secret to many except close family members and few friends. Promise to update blog with those tense and waiting events as those eight and half month passed by. Frequent readers of our blog might got a hunch that there was no travelogue in recent time.
Right now life is bit busy with as we try to master ourselves in art of wrapping (buritto) and changing nappies. I do not see myself awake in front of computer late in night for coming few months.
Just uploaded few pictures of Aarush, as he just completed 11 days today.


Malcolm said...

Congratulations mate!!! All my best to you and your lovely wife.
Looks like we will be traveling the same road in a few months time :)


santm said...

Hi Malcolm,

That is a great news. Keep us posted best of wishes for the upcoming journey.


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