Thursday, February 16, 2006

Vacation on the horizon

Yes I am going to take vacations! It has been a while (after May 2005) when we went out from our current address in Paris. In our standard of travelling it is a record for good or bad...that can't be said. May be it is the effect of Chateau, Bateau, Gateau.We would love to visit some country-side or mountains now. But, unfortunately Pamela is not at all interested for any ski-trip as she is complaining about the Paris cold all the time. So no trip in Europe for now.
Well, this vacation I am cheering but may be it will be just like another trip to India where my days are more hectic with relatives and long journeys and at the end I question myself was it a vacation or my social duties.
For sure I am going to travel a lot as I will start my trip of India with Delhi and ending the same in Bombay. In between I am going to stop at Siliguri, Calcutta & Durg for sure. I am adding this map with pointers to give an idea.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

French classes came to an end

Well my French classes came to an end. And I passed the exam :D I would like to take up the Oscar podium for few seconds and like to thank my beloved wife Pamela for her support ; my teacher, my colleagues- Stephan and Fred for their time and effort to make me understand the basics of French grammar. And I am very satisfied that I didn't let them down as I scored well in grammar and got all the Passé-compose and Imparfait (past tense) correct.
Well, this could not have been enjoyed more without going to the same bar where last time we went from the class before Christmas break.