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Day 3 - Rishikesh

The weather looked gloomy with an overcast sky as we woke up. We had breakfast at the hotel and decided to visit Rishikesh today. Again we headed back the way we came yesterday and after crossing Rajaji National Park the road divides and one goes towards to Dehradun and one to Rishikesh. The drive was pleasant, as we opted Laxman  Jhula as our destination google map smartly took us via highway bypassing the main city.But at the end the roads started to get narrower lucky for us we found a parking lot packed yet as we early risers ;)
The weather was little cold compared to the planes of Dehradun with lots of breeze coming from Ganga. We walked to Laxman Jhula to cross it. Oh boy! We have no idea what local authority allows two-wheelers, cycle to cross the hanging bridge which is meant for a pedestrian. And top of it you even have some cows standing in the middle.
I am sure the people coming all the from abroad to Rishikesh for peace, meditation and self-purity do get a complete shock wi…

SMS Received for Aarush


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  • Unknown
  • Friday, 18/01/2008 23:38:02
  • Anurag Gupta
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 22:57:33
  • Ajit HP
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 19:22:11
My heartly congratulations to you and pamela- ajit tokekar
  • TT Thai
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 18:03:42
Congraturation be a happy father. Thai
  • Rekha
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 17:35:51
Congrats ! very glad 2 hear the news. best wishes ganapathy family
  • Raja Datta
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 15:18:32
  • Jihm singapore
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 15:08:05
Many many congratulations 2 both of u. Wen d baby's born?
  • Rajan B
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 14:10:22
Congratulation for the Good news....Rajan
  • Manishankar Misra
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 13:47:02
Thats a gr8 news.Congrats. M in shg now. Wil cal u at nite.
  • Chirotosh Bhattacharjee
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 13:46:56
Hearty Congratulation on the New Arrival.Chotomama,chotomami and kaushik,goa.
  • Ashim Bhattacharya
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 13:44:03
  • Tapas Roy
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 13:40:39
  • Rakesh Kumar
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 13:39:34
Wish both mother and baby a good health and congratulation to you all.
Rakesh kumar
  • Melwyn Pererria HP
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 13:09:40
Congratulations !!!
  • Rajib Mahalik
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 13:01:02
  • Mejo Kaku
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 12:58:51
Our best blessings for the new born baby. May god bless him :partha&mithu
  • Edwin Dmello
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 12:58:47
Heartly Congratulation
  • Egyavaragan Venkatavaradhan
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 12:58:14
Gr8 news! Congrats! take care!
  • Unknown
  • Sathish Raju
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 12:56:42
  • Nambi
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 12:55:40
  • Sreejith Kumar
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 12:54:25
Congrats on becoming a brand new dad. Convey my congratulations to pamela. May god bless the little one. - Sreejith
  • Prakash Krishnan
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 12:47:05
Congratulations to the proud father & mother.
  • Pallavi
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 12:46:22
Congratulations! from the whole team :-)
  • Virendra Berthwal
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 12:44:57
Congrats for the good news:-)
  • Sheetal HP
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 12:44:03
  • Rakesh Ganjoo
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 12:43:11
Congrats. Please pass my blessings to sweet baby!
  • Jishnu
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 12:43:01
Gr8 news. Congrats 2 both of u. Talk 2 u later.
  • Jishu
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 12:41:49
  • Damodar Vanga
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 12:41:02
Congrates, gr8 news.
- Damodar
  • Kallol
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 12:40:53
Great news! Congratulation to u n pamela n wish speedy recovery fr pamela- seema,kallol.
  • Paresh Hede
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 12:40:20
Congratulations sir
  • Kalpesh Doshi
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 12:40:03
  • Rahul Salvi
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 12:39:03
  • Khyati Shah
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 12:38:55
Congratulations to both you
  • Chirotosh Bhattacharjee
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 12:38:50
  • Sunil jaiswal
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 12:38:48
Thats gr8." CONGRATULATIONS " & all the best to all 3 of you. God bless ..
  • Jaya Calcutta
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 12:38:10
Big congrats to you both! What a surprise! Look forward to talking to you. Purbayan Jaya
  • Vinayak Shetti
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 12:37:43
  • Furqaan
  • Thursday, 17/01/2008 12:37:41
Congratulations sir on behalf of the entire pop desk.
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