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Day 1 - Drive to Mussoorie

It was a crazyweek, as usual, it always happens that the week is very bad for work, commute and others just before we go on vacation and come back. So somehow we finished our packing on Thursday night and set our alarms for early Friday.
We wake up on time and get ready and then call for Uber, the app shows the taxi is just next to our apartment where normally few Uber/Ola always standing. But after few minutes of no movement, I call the number and no one picks. After trying few times I give up and cancel my trip. Again book another Uber and this time the guys picks up the phone and promised to be there in 5 minutes.  The cab was an old one the headlight was barely working asked him to switch on the headlight and his response it is already on. Well, finger crossed we reached airport and journey to Delhi was uneventful.  
We landed on time and called our car rental company they told us to come to a designated spot of but the wait was quite long. The representative does the handover outsi…

Uttarakhand - prelude

It has been such a long time that we posted something we almost forgot how to type long paragraphs. Maybe all due to Facebook and WhatsApp which is instant but then in when you look back you have no way to figure out what all the noise was about. Well enough of rant now let me type….
Beginning of 2017 we were very much looking for a vacation and Pamela was interested in Uttarakhand. Now Uttarakhand is not a big state, it was carved out of Uttar Pradesh around 17 years back(A.D.2000 to be precise). But being a hilly region you can not just go around and see it all. There are two main parts Garhwal & Kumaon. And we were lost in between which part to visit. At the end, we made up some plan after talking to friends who are quite familiar with the UK. That made me more confused. Now comparing to the trip of Himachal Pradesh 3 years back, I was quite sure would be able to drive myself in the hills unless we plan to visit high altitude areas where roads would be narrow and tricky. Also i…

Plan for 2017

Wish list for year 2017/18.

27th August Airtel Hyderabad HM10th September Chennai Trail Marathon Full15th October Bangalore HM :)29th October Gurgaon Full 10th December Goa River Marathon Full 4th February 2018 IDBI Calcutta Full 11th February 2018 Auroville HM25th February 2018 Delhi IDBI Full
So far I have covered running a Full Marathon in these states of India. Let's see if I can add Goa, West Bengal, and Tamilnadu to the list. Karnataka -  Shriram Properties Bengaluru Marathon 2015Kerala -  Spice Coast Cochin Marathon November 2015 Meghalaya - Satara Marathon (Shillong) July 2016Telangana - Airtel Hyderabad Marathon August 2016Maharastra - Stanard Chartered Mumbai Marathon January 2017 Pondicherry - Auroville Marathon February 2017