Bombay to Bangalore by Car(NH4)

View Larger MapA journey of 1000 KM from Mumbai to Bangalore
I was asked to reallocate to Bangalore in early May from my work; as usual had no plan till the last minute. Sitting in Durg (center of India) was thinking what will be best way to reach Bangalore on Monday via Mumbai. I have to reach Mumbai to pick my bare essential before heading south. And my flight from Durg was on Saturday noon.
On Friday night suddenly realized it would be great if I can travel in my own car. This way I do not have to find a cheap air ticket and will have no problem in commuting of my own @ Bangalore.
This will allow me to escape THE FAMOUS AUTO RICKSHAWS of Bangalore. There are plenty of horror stories about them and you can always have a good laugh about the way they refuse their passengers. They are very mystic in their behaviour, there are few honest hardworking but that only proves Darwin's rule– There are always an exception. Certainly, this post is not about them .
After lots of fanatic calls to friends and family members I was very fortunate to have Ramesh as my driver. He is a very experienced driver but he does not drive any more. The plan was simple- To start early morning for Bangalore on Sunday. We will stop as night falls and will reach Bangalore on Monday.
I reached Navi-Mumbai around 9PM after spending afternoon and evening at south and central Mumbai. As soon as I reached home I had to complete a long list of house-hold chores starting with laundry. As soon as the drum started spinning I started collecting items those I will require during my stay there. I picked items quite randomly but only thing I had in my mind was about a survival kit. After doing all that I tried to sleep at 2 in the morning but after a restless hour I got up and stared to wrap as many loose ends I could before leaving.
Here is a chronicle of events that I had on that Sunday.
06:00 Picked up Ramesh from Nerul Railway Station – Returned to Kharghar ; packed all items in the car.
000 KM
06:45 Started from Home; the express was well paved and it has concrete construction with numerous tunnels. This is the pioneer road corridor which was constructed with divider and proper lane in India.
041 KM 08:15 Started from Food Mall /Diesel stop around 40 minutes. There were lots of car, SUVs and buses packed with families who were going out of Mumbai as schools were closed for summer vacations. Hardly any room left for seating. Food was not great but every thing tastes good on road-trip when you have a hungry stomach and miles to go. The service was very prompt that really deserve appreciation.
09:00 Pune We by-pass capital of Maratha culture; there were plenty of new big IT, BPO offices with glass outer wall but as they were spread on NH4 without any symmetry in between they were more of eye-sore rather than architectural beauty.
09:40 We picked up a FM station from Pune and it continued a long road. Very soon we reached another toll plaza and started our ascent for Satara Range. There are two separate roads for opposite direction. After lot of twist and turn you reach the point from where you get a great view. It was pity we could not stop to enjoy the beauty from there.
10:30 Road towards Mahabaleshwar
11:10 Crossing Satara which means a place surrounded by seven (sat) hills (tara). One thing we had to pay extra attention was there are plenty of crossroads in the highway which allows people to take turn and cross the highway from other side. Ideally there should be flyover but as we pass rural area the extra cost may not be justified yet due to thin traffic. But thankfully NHAI has put up fence to avoid crossing road everywhere. It is very common in India for cattle and human to cross road whenever and wherever they want which causes lots of accidents.
12:00 Crossing Karad, a small town but quite good infrastructure with over bridges. At this point of time we have crossed Krishna river few times. The road divider were properly maintained with lot of Bougainvillea planted. It gave a very good feeling on Indian road which is sometime synonyms with pot-holes.
397KM 13:25 – 14:05 Stop for lunch near Kolapur, Kolpar is the last major town in the Maharashtra side of NH4 and soon we will start crossing border of Karnataka. Lunch was a simple vegetarian a quick one as we were not very certain how much road we will be able to cover today - Bangalore lies in the southern part of Karnataka.
14:43 We entered Karnataka it started to rain a little bit of drizzling around Belgaum. The soil color changed to red. Suddenly we found that we have to drive for almost 5 KM on the NH-4 north with opposing traffic as South bound was closed due to a big trailer made a major accident.
493 KM 15:17 almost halfway. There are some hamlets of houses which are painted by Airtel, TATA, Reliance for their mobile phone advertisement or sometime it was cement and steel companies.
15:49 We cross a sign for Karwar (next to Goa going west) neat Dharwar but road was single lane. Saw a horrible accident involving a TATA –indica and a truck and there was ambulance. Hope the best for those in that car as it looked very terrible.
560 KM 16:17 Back to divided road. We crossed a huge Jain temple which from distance was looking like some space station where rockets were ready for launching. After searching in internet realized there are too many Jain pilgrimage palce in Karnataka which I did not knew.

599 KM We were looking for fuel station for last 15 minutes but there was none on our side of the road; finally we found one and filled diesel ; we had fuel economy of 19.05 KM/L with AC on the highway. We crossed one flight of stairs in the highway but could not figure between ourselvs which will be nearest airport for this. Wanted to have tea-break but "miles to go before I sleep"
636 KM Again single lane, road condition very bad, found almost finished yet un-finished flyover while we maneuver the bad traffic- big trucks, SUVs just trying to cross everyone by hook or honk. This continued for a while we crossed a town called Ranibennur, it looked like Sunday was market-day as it was crowded with village merchandise. There was police in the middle of the road to manage traffic. The road condition did improve as we crossed Harihar at the sunset. It was very magnificent as Sun sets on the lush green paddy field on the banks of Tungabhadra river.
It became dark and Ramesh kept on driving. We decided to continue till we felt like. Driving till Chitradurga our estimated destination was around 70 Kms away.
765KM 20:30 We reached Chitradurga, according to our destination; called relative in Bangalore and was told the road should be better now and it might be a sensible to reach Bangalore same night. We had a big dinner and stopped for one hour before we stared again. This really helped to stretch our strained body. It seems there are road side hotels around 40 KM out of Bangalore A1( from Reliance group) and Kamat to choose from. The initial part of the road was very bad and there were so many trucks. It was dusty and we had to be very careful with all these big vehicles; lots of them even do not have rear light or brake light.
After Dinner - I was feeling too sleepy and after all my best effort I dozed off for few minutes. I asked Ramesh few times if he is OK to drive or is it better to park on side and take a small nap. As an excellent driver he kept on driving without any problem. Around Tumkur, we found hotel but as we were there they closed as its mid-night and they closes at 23:30. So there was not much choice for us other than to continue driving. Blackberry came very handy as I looked up phone number of my service apartment which was booked from Monday onwards. They gave their best direction but for us it really did not mean much. There was one part of highway which was newly paved with proper marking and division so a toll plaza followed.
We could not figure out much in the dark and kept on asking for MG road as direction whenever we found someone on the road. We met some stray dogs and one drunken group who were ready to start a fight as we opened our mouth in Hindi. Somehow we reached MG road and found English speaking Auto-driver who gave us proper direction for the last mile
It was great to reach such a wonderful place. We found ourselves in two bedroom apartment; I took a quick shower before calling it a night.
In the morning we woke up quickly, dropped Ramesh to bus stop where I got him ticket in Volvo for Mumbai. And I went to office – and thus life in Bangalore started.

Lesson learnt from this 1000KM trip ---Keep your wallet ready to pay the toll. In India, government is the biggest “Bhaia” or “Don” they know all the tricks to tax their law-abiding citizen. When the road condition is good be prepared for toll after every 40/60 KM. Keep change ready or you will get toffees as change in return. Not sure why NHAI kept those odd numbers like 18, 23 or 22 instead rounding it to 20 or 25. Definitely there are lots to improve for NHAI if they want to put Indian road to world standard.
With highest rate of street accident and mortality Indian roads are not ready for family travel yet. Initially, I was thinking to drive back to Mumbai one day but after seeing that accident and the bad stretch of 200KM before Chittradurg I do not think I will do that soon. If you do want to drive; Drive during day and drive safely I mean very safe - HAPPY DRIVING


Pramod said…

Nice description. did u get any Ghats in karnataka? ive driven to udupi from Mumbai but then after kittur (belgaum) we take a right to join NH17. I plan to go to bangalore by car later this month.

santm said…

There are few hill sections but it can not be compare to NH-17.
Personally, I think NH-17 has more twisted turns being coastal highway compared to NH-4
sayyed said…
Thats a pretty nice sharing of experience. Good to read.
Dinesh said…

This is Dinesh from mumbai. M planning to go to Banglore by car.. Please tell me how is the road now. and can i get the driver mr.Ramesh's help if you could provide his contact info on my mail id

santm said…
I have no new updates; please share your your trip.

Sorry do not have Ramesh's contact.
Dinesh said…
Dear Santanu,

I m Much impressed with your blog.. Was so nice.. gr8. Well M planning to move by 25th of this month, I may leave from Mumbai by early Morning 3.00 am [Advise is that right time?]. M coming through my own car [Palio Style]… we only two people are coming and m the one whoz gonna drive alone [Advise Driving the Car on average 90 km /h is safe?? I have gut feel to control ? ]. Also advise by what tym will be reaching B’ lore if m driving continuously? [Advise Safe Place to take rest if need].
M sorry if m Disturbing you. M collecting data’s, since this is my First Long drive after I purchase my dream car [Advise what are the Documents need to keep [Xerox will do?]].
Can I contact you if I need any help on my way to B’lore.

santm said…
Hi Dinesh,

Personally 3AM sounds too early for me:) As long as you hit Bombay-Pune Expressway early I think you should be fine.
For resting I would recommend lookout for A2B as most Reliance petrol pumps and A1 motels as they started to close down; not sure about NH4 thhough. I heard A1s are open between Boroda and Mumbai.

Safety in Bangalore should be OK but you will not find vigilant Mumbai police at each intersection. Again you are traveling close to election days so it might be different.

I carried all original papers yes keeping an extra set of photocopy is good idea.

Bon Voyage
Dinesh said…
Dear Santanu,
Sure. Will follow as you advised. Still m Planning to carry Bean Bag which I purchased for my aged DAD, will make any issue as you said [“Again you are traveling close to election days so it might be different.”], Still I have the bill for the same too.
Onemore, thing shell I contact you on my way to Bangaloru.. via chat / Phone [just to have gut feel].

Sami said…
I am Planning a trip with my belongings and household items from Bangalore in my i10 next weekend OCT 23/24. Anyone interested in a 1000 buck 12 hr ride to Pune?

harry said…
I am Planning a trip with my belongings and household items from Bangalore to mumbai in my honda city on April 9th 2011.
Anyone interested can join?

HCS said…
Hello, I had a bad experience while driving in a stretch of road between Baramasagara and Chitradurga, recently. As you know road is very good, tempting to drive easily above 80+, being a toll road, where heavy toll is known to be collected, everyday. When I had to drive back from Belgaum to Bangalore in my car, i got a dangerous experience which i would like to share. When i was driving in a stretch of road between Baramasagara and Chitradurga (about 200km to 230km from Bangalore) around morning 8-8.30AM, recently, firstly I saw a fuel tanker being toppled near Baramasagara, in a fearful and dangerous manner (on such a good road!). When I drove further towards Chitradurga; from 1km distance, i saw a small roadside bunker/shop like structure, from which 4-5 people suspiciously walked into the middle of the road not caring for the very loud horn. Initially, I thought they are some roadside workers and was very sure that they would respond to horn. I drove with the same speed continuously blowing horn; stunningly they did not see towards my car, nor respond to horn. They walked gradually and slowly into the middle of road like a herd of sheep in a queue leaving only a small passage of the lane towards road divider. At that point of time, I did not have much time to react to break speed, almost i had decided that i would accidentally either hit one in front of them or on the other side would hit road divider, but i could avoid both, by god's grace driving in the narrow passage in that small passage of that lane. Car passed almost the same speed as i could not have time to apply break (which would have been fatal to me and others inside the car, if i would have applied break at that speed). Oh god, seemingly it was a close shave for that person in front as well as me and others in the car. I was too tensed and nervous at that moment, god saved me and some lives on road! Luckily as nothing untoward incident happened i nervously drove towards Bangalore with many questions in my mind.
1. why did those people slowly walked into the middle of the road, in spite of loud horn? There cannot be all 4-5 people deaf, not able to hear such a loud horn blown continuously.
2. Was there any intent to cause a mishap? to steel money, and valuables from the accident site?
When I had a look at them quickly after that incident, these people were seemed like "tend to take risk for money" knowing some acrobatics to escape from dangerous hits on them.

Let me please know, whether anyone had this type of experience earlier? while driving in that stretch of NH4 high way.

This information is for safety of all, who drive in NH4 (between Baramasagara and Chitradurga).
Radha Durbha said…
We are due to drive to Banagalore from Nerul next week. You had said in your blog that you had hired a driver from Nerul who did an excellent job of driving you to Bangalore. We have the same predicament as you. My husband has reloacted to Bangalore for work and wants to take his car there. Though we would have in normal circumstances shared the drive, I am stuck in Mumbai with work. I also cannot take leave as this road trip would mean I take 3 days off. So I have suggested to my husband to employ a good driver for the trip. Our car is a Innova.

We would appreciate if you could share the details of the driver you had employed so that we can contact him.


Radha Durbha
santm said…
sorry do not have the contact