My Best Picture

Aarush has crossed 6 weeks mark now and till recent time there was no picture of him with me. Well, there was no specific reason for the same. Normally, when I leave for work he is sleeping and in the evening it is dark and we are against using flash while taking pictures of Aarush. That leave only weekend but recent weekends were very hectic and I was away to Bangalore and the stories goes on...
So one fine morning just before leaving for work we had photo session; and according to me it came out best - special thanks goes to Pamela for capturing this magical moment. Now I have to click some picture of Mama and son ;)


Jip and Lucas said…
You'd better post some great shots like this one for Pamela too dude. This one makes anyone even a criminal smile. Very very cute picture.

Lucas' comment: I love the layout of the blog section of the site! :D Everything goes together so well.
Pascal said…
Hi Santanu,

Congratulations ! nice picture, dady is proud and happy...

Have all good time !

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