Skittlish Theme with Silk Icons for Wordpress

Trying to jazz up skittlish theme of wordpress with silk icon sets from In recent time there is new version of skittlish supporting widgets so I thought it might be a god starting ground. Best part - for few colors (red, orange, green & blue) there are icons available for tag, user (author). But for rest there is none. As I am not a graphic person not sure how should I go forward. Any expert out there to help me ;). Plan to release my best by next week.


Ravi Bhushan said...


We were using the skittlish theme and weren't able to figure out a few things and was hoping you could help.

a) Our blog shows 'People' by default but we want to have a blogroll and our own classifications. How do we do that?

b) Does your search box work? Ours doesnt



santm said...

a) If I am not wrong you can manage the same under "Blogroll" in admin menu, and can rename the heading in the sidebar or widget.
b) Search do work but not the best :( sometime I use google for my own site.