Mera Bharat Jawaan

Adv for new TV series

Another funny advertisement which caught my attention Budda Hoga Tera Baap. This is a soft or hard slang depending on your view - "May be your father is old" This new TV series name is "Mera Bharat Jaawan" which translates into "My India is Young". With one fourth population under the age of 25 India definitely has young demography.

P.S - In last two months, I have changed theme for wordpress (blog) at least four times. It either resulted in broken site or broken functionality. Very happy to see some comments coming in recent time to our web site. It really boasts moral to keep posting pictures, thoughts and experiences. In coming weeks, plan to give a new face for the front-page as we are no longer staying in Paris and update Pamela's corner as well. Cheers

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