Saint Valentine -II

As I said lots of thoughts were coming across in spite of my busy-ness. So first was to ask Pamela to come over at Fort area for lunch which was denied by her saying that lots of household chores left to be done. Then again I modified my plan and asked her to join at evening for dinner when she told me she won’t as without any prior booking no food will be available at any good restaurant because of that day- which is in fact quite true.

Despite of her denial I didn’t left any hope I ended up saying we will go somewhere outside for sure. With passage of time I got busier in work and stuck for long hrs. When I almost realized that there is no chance of dinner outside. But, somehow I finished my work by seven and left for home. I reached home at half past nine when I was to take my shower and then leave so another 30 min. gone. By the time we got into car it was around ten so on the way we decided to have our dinner at Bombay Blues, Center-One - Vashi. On reaching the restaurant the doorman said with smile it will take 40 minutes minimum to get a seat. So, we took a stroll around other shops. Even after 40 min. there was no luck so we stood at door only waiting for our turn. After 11 we had luck to have our seat; now it was time to place order..... since it was enormously crowded so one can guess quality of service and food to expect. Somehow around 11.40 got something on plate.

I ordered for Chicken sizzler which looks awesome to hungry stomach but awful to taste. Never heard Chinese food being served with cheese so was that plate. My god! somehow survived with Pamela’s plate and appetizer.

Learnt a lesson that never to go for dinning without prior reservation or it’s much better to enjoy and relish food at home only especially on V-day. All these can be explained with the new economic growth that Indian higher middle class are enjoying at this moment, and everyone from mega-malls to jewelers to flower shop or even food-stalls are cashing in.


Age said...

We had 8:45PM reservations at Morton's. We didn't get seated until 9:30PM and dinner until around 10ish. So, don't feel too bad as it's bad even with reservations. I do have to say the food and the company was better when we ate the leftovers at home the next day! ;-) o.k. will definitely stay away from Chicken Sizzlers!

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