Back to Work

Well after one and half months of vacation I am back to work today. Surprisingly, I will be still using my old e-mail (work) well it does not mean that I am checking my work mails as I write this post. It will take sometime for the IT guys before they transfer me electronically from Europe to Asia. I thought it might be a good time to write something for the blog.

There has been some progress in terms of settling in Bombay at our own flat but there is long-long road ahead. There are few positive updates but a long uphill battle to fight.

I hope both us are going to update the web-site in terms of photos and posts more often from now on. There is a long list to write about as there were events which brought smile and worries (most of the time) often as we look at them through a western point of view.

As I write this post the power went out so all I can see around me is glowing screens of computers. Welcome to India ;)

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Pascal said...

Hello Santanu,

One month and half vacations only ? it is really short !! you had the opportunity to laze for a few months before thinking about work again, don't you think so ?
Look at Krovi: he really takes its time... ;-)

About the power outage: so India is like California ? :-)
There is a great debate here in France about privatizing the french power supplier (EDF)... So if you come back to France a few years later, you may have power outage here as well !!

I wish you the best in Bombay...