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Day 3 - Rishikesh

The weather looked gloomy with an overcast sky as we woke up. We had breakfast at the hotel and decided to visit Rishikesh today. Again we headed back the way we came yesterday and after crossing Rajaji National Park the road divides and one goes towards to Dehradun and one to Rishikesh. The drive was pleasant, as we opted Laxman  Jhula as our destination google map smartly took us via highway bypassing the main city.But at the end the roads started to get narrower lucky for us we found a parking lot packed yet as we early risers ;)
The weather was little cold compared to the planes of Dehradun with lots of breeze coming from Ganga. We walked to Laxman Jhula to cross it. Oh boy! We have no idea what local authority allows two-wheelers, cycle to cross the hanging bridge which is meant for a pedestrian. And top of it you even have some cows standing in the middle.
I am sure the people coming all the from abroad to Rishikesh for peace, meditation and self-purity do get a complete shock wi…

A must list for swiss

Our trip to Switzerland has ended after all those C.B.G (châteaux, bateaux and gateaux) trips around Europe but indeed it was a different experience altogether. It is all about the greenery, mountain streams rushing along, water falls, snow clad mountains, sounds of cow-bells tickling on the alpine meadows.

I am not sure if every one is happy with their first trip to a new place or not. But, I am always very happy and excited to go to new places. I always live with some desire or feeling that was not filled in that very trip. It keeps me motivated to go back to the same place once again. May be it is my way of exploring and traveling.

The beauties of all those places we have been in Switzerland are so vast that I think - “I can explore them for years to come if I am there all the time”. But I know that is not going to happen (soon for sure!).

Here are few things that one should not miss while traveling in Switzerland – starting with what we missed.

  • A Video Camera a MUST along with normal camera – to capture the Alpine divinity while traveling in train (specially for those panoramic one)
  • Ask for window seat if your train needs reservation.
  • Hiking Pole – if you are hiking and that includes downhill.
  • Make sure your watch is giving correct and precise time - the train/bus leaves platform on dot. To demonstrate this you just wait on a platform you will find the train starts moving as soon as the time posted and time on the big clock on the platform matches.A good pair of hiking shoes if you plan to walk a lot.
  • Warm clothes even in summer for going to the top of the mountains.
  • Good sunglass – Normal sunglass only stops little compared to those special glacier sunglass, you need them to save your eyes from the reflected sunlight from glacier at high altitude.
  • Polaroid filter -for your camera if you happen to be lucky on the mountain top with clear blue sky.


Anil Desai said…

It is nice to read the list of things to carry to switzerland.Can you please tell me are there enough Indian restaurant in and around Zurich? Can we find a hotel to stay say in 100 chf per day which includes cooking facility.
DO they allow cooking of spicy Indian food? As it is observed we use lot of spices and which normal european people dislike. What was your experiences? I am asking all tthese question as my wife is staunch veggie and I think it wont be a easy thing to find vegeterian restaurant and affordability is the prime reason.

Thanks in advance


pamela said…
Hi Anil,

This is Pamela (santanu's wife) replying to your mail as santanu is out of station and as well not able to use internet due to sudden unavoidable circumstances.So, hereby I will try to answer all your queries.

In europe as whole, to be truthful you will hardly get vegetarian food as they consider egg and sea fish as veg. Same is at switzerland. In cheap, you can look for Mcdonald and those kind of chain food making sure veg means complete veg no egg or fish in your portion. There are not enough I will say but ofcourse there are indian restaurants around ( u need to do bit of homework on that-browse internet check this -

Since we are non-veg people I cannot recommend you much on this side. And we stayed at friend's place at Zürich so we had "ghar ka khana" only. In zurich , to get appartment hotel might be difficult but places like interlaken and all you will get for sure. Its worth staying there if you are thinking on money as well of food of your liking where they give you basic utensils,small fridge, micro-oven,washbasin etc other then bed and restroom( make sure over phone or mail before booking). Definatley, its economical but think other way round also - your wife might not be happy if she has to cook at home and also at this kind of sweet trip, moreover indian cooking is time consuming too- but if you two are comfortable enough then go ahead.

Outside Zurich price of appart. hotel should be cheap and u can cook anything unless you are spoiling their rooms and depending on availability of spices in their normal departmental store eg.. coop. We too stayed at one of app.hotel in interlaken and we use to prepare our lunch dinner , breakfast (yes, we didnot had any nonveg during this time but we had cereals with yogurt and juice in breakfast, veg.salads found in coop in frozen section-to take away for lunch along with fruits and in dinner we prepared pasta with cream sauce--- so, if you are open to this kind of food half of problem will be solved).

But to tell you frankly, Swiss franc is quite costly( in this kind of journey don't think much on money). Certain indians they do prepare certain things from home half done and keep it in freezer there and prepare it when needed.So, if you are staying somewhere close to switzerland then only possible as travel time by flight/ train is less like2-3 hrs but if u are going from india then bit difficult. Don't worry at all- there will be lot of indian tourist like you- talk to them and explore more about veg. restaurant locally. When in indian resturant ask them specifically that you want spicy food in your portion otherwise it will come bland.

So, hope you get your answers....don't worry at all...bon voyage to a beautiful country (u will cherish lifetime for sure). enjoy heartily.

If anything left to be answered pls.send mail specifying it.

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