Changing face of India

“India is changing” I am sure this is not a new topic to talk about. But there are few things which got changed in India which my RADAR didn’t notice before. I am not going to debate on their pros and cons. Any changes are more noticeable when we encounter the same old place or person after a break. Like you meet up an old friend with whom you grew up but that time probably you did not noticed he or she was growing vertically and your mid- aged relatives were growing horizontally. But you meet them after few years the changes become more noticeable to our eyes.

This time, while passing in front of AIMS, Delhi I could not believe my eyes the whole place changed for good the landscape is now full of flyovers. Well, Delhi being the drawing room of India always gets special attentions. I personally do not like flyovers, as they disfigure the beauty. Parisian approach of building underpass is better to me. But building those may be more costlier and without proper planning it might be a nightmare after monsoon rain.

Thanks to Election Commission that writing is banned on the wall and it had atleast kept our political parties away from the walls otherwise it would have been full of “hands”, “lotus” and not to mention those “elephants” ,”hammer” and what not. But those walls are now left with poster from IIT coaching (ISO certified) to shoes.

I always need a haircut as soon I reach India and when I fly out of India. One big benefit is the price but the primary motivation is the quality of the haircut. So I went with SK to a nearest hairdresser. The name of a normal haircutting saloons are not normal any more rather very fashionable like “copper clips” or “silver scissors”. I should have met guys who are coming up with innovative names before I registered A simple haircut which cost 15 rupees for my dad and he thinks that is expensive the same costs to me Rs 60. But unfortunately this place does not even have AC to call it a “Men’s parlour“.

With all said and done the reason for typing so long was as I noticed a 19/21 years old boy quite FAT to my eyes was getting pedicure. Instead of getting those pedicure and wasting his money he should have joined a GYM or rather do some walking. I don’t know how getting a pedicure is making him better marketable. Well, it might be very personal view which might not be shared by others as the first thing that you need is money and it looked like he had a lot.

One thing I noticed in India for affluent class it means to be overweight, having big tummy (men particularly) as they intake lot of rich food, do less physical work and for every daily chores they have a domestic helper. May be time has now come for educated Indians to understand the values that comes with money and luxury.

Second thing is the number of mobile-phone users in the country is experiencing a meteoric rise. Right from Sabjiwali (vegetable seller), bai (helper), theleywala (cartpuller) to higher class is talking over that small e-gadget for hrs…..God knows what topic they are talking on.I think that day is not far when everyother person will be talking over phone rather then in-person.

Tujh bin….

Oof !!!! getting mad you know.Its been a while Santanu is trying his best to make it work but alas no response,no sound... nothing.Tried his best as much as he could, took it on his lap, dismantle one of those computer geeks trying to fix that damn thing but god............everything gone in vain.The connections & all those seems to be fine except that fan which was rotating in such a speed making hell lot of noise.You know its almost dead....

The CPU was showing 116° C. He did contact INTEL support and the response from them was since he is not using the CPU fan provided by them for cooling he had broken warranty. But according to the Shuttle their system is Intel Certified so I am supposed to use the ICE (Integrated Cooling Engine) for cooling the CPU and system. He posted the same on Sudhian but it seems like that did not raised many eye-brow. And he found this too mean for any mini PC or hardware support with big name.

Anywayz, thinking that he might have to buy and spent money on new hardware he took the whole system to Surcouf. They told him at the reception to be ready to pay minimum 19 Euros for the diagnosis and other?. All the technician out there did not look worried about Static Electricity at all. According to them it is a system problem so they send the same to Shuttle.

In that way,he is lucky enough as the system is still under warranty. Now he has to wait 4 weeks minimum for any updates which means it has to wait for me till he come back from my India trip."Waqai, tujh bin....jiyu kaisey". This computer world has got so much integrated into his private life that hardly he can think of himself without it. La vie sans net est difficile a vivre. (see, ;) he can speak bit of french in frustated mood)