Tibx Shoe Laces

Yes these are my dirty shoes. Not very sure about the origin of those shoe laces, I got them when my old office was getting closed. Missing the TIBX bus and shares I got those laces :( (People got nice race cars and big houses in Bay Area a dream come true in this materialistic world and what I got for boarding the train late. Well I have another pair of these laces…..

Unless any big shoot TIBX one day decide to run a charity marathon with these laces on his gizmo running shoes there is no real value to the other pair of laces I have. Any one out there …. You know I am sure it will not cost much.


Tariq Ahmed said…
Don't worry Santa, you're not the only one who didn't cash out huge...
Lea said…
Welcome to the club!
Anupam said…
Would you like to sell the other pair of the shoe laces?
santm said…
Sure what is the price $$

[...] The big reason for writing up today is about the comment I got asking me if I am selling my TIBX shoe laces or not? Well the whole idea of writing that post was when Intel offered $10K for Dr.Moore’s paper published in Electronics Magazine 40 years ago. [...]

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