New PC

After months of checking web sites for prices reading forums for review and always thinking about moving out Paris I got my new PC. It was not an easy choice as all these years I wanted a Mac from Apple. And Mini-Mac was a real contender for long time.

But at the end I went for mini-PC because of the money and choice of flexibility I have with the same. There has been a tremendous change in computer hardware in terms of speed, functionality and size in last 4 years when I made last PC. This is the configuration I got for my new PC.
  • Shuttle SB83G5
  • INTEL Pentium 4 530J 3.0 GHz
  • Samsung PC3200 512Mo DDR
  • Hitachi 160Go 7200 RPM S-ATA 7K250
  • LiteOn 48/24/48(CD) & 16x (DVD)

It coasted me around 650 Euros when I got these parts from different small computer stores in Rue-Montgallet in Paris. Well I have to admit the whole setup process was quite easy but it requited a good amount reading the manual. It worth the RTFM as the CPU and heat sink connection is the most vital and tricky for a success.


Jonathan said…
Does your shuttle pc still work? I am thinking about buying one but heard there have been heat issues after 7 months.
santm said…
I will let you know after I get back the same after RMA
santm said…
sorry to update this comment it is working fine for last one month finger crossed!

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