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Shan & Pam-The Perfect Wedding

It was the 27th April’02 evening,Every thing was geared up for the Mumbai meeting,Our “Rosy” flower, made “Shan” like a bee humming,Not showing outside, Pam thought it was her prince charming,Santanu was convinced it was the end of  his findings,Gandhiji was nervously smiling,Shan’s mother in law thought it was perfectly matching,Pam’s mother and father in law were unable to hide the exciting,Sensing wedding bells ringing,Choton proposed an early ring exchanging,Everyone in both sides were priding,Thought it was a great timing,Then came a series of e-mailing,Thousands of miles kept two hearts parting,While Technology brought California & Durg closing,And the two did each other some measuring,At Satna there were forgotten few, who were guessing,When at Durg “The Great Jija” felt something missing,Why his sali’s plum looks gave way to slim & beauty tantalizing,8th Nov’02 kept them waiting and waiting,14th Aug’02 traditional ring ceremony gave some consoling.On 5th Nov’02, “Jija …